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Honorifics Mr. (+)
Name Ben, Iggy (+)
Employee ID █████
Suit Name Bellringer
Date of Hire August 20th
Tumblr phone-guy
Discord Mutuals can ask for it
Biggs, Benjamin
MLMTransgenderDaybreak Gay by techsflags
VampyregenderTragivampiricSanguivoria Obfuscatic by Me

Disciplinary Non Interaction (D.N.I)

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About me? Well, I wouldn't be opposed to sharin' a bit of information about myself. I do believe I'm quite smart and charismatic, and I know a lot more than you think. Eyes and ears open at all times; I've probably heard it all. I know my way around, too. It'll be easier for me once I've secured myself a position here, after all, gatherin' the latest and most crucial intel regardin' anythin' Toon related may bring us to success at an alarmingly quick rate. I wouldn't pass up this opportunity, love. You know I'm just a ring away!

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