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Your Direct Reports
ID Honorifics Name Suit Name Suit Type Email Status Actions
Friendbots (General Manager: Ruffler, Buck)
18710 Mr. Bonpyre,
Firestarter Lovebot Deployed View Profile
07429 Mr. Revvington, Chip Chainsaw Consultant Bossbot Deployed View Profile
77777 Mr. Ruffler, Buck Duck Shuffler Brobot Dead on the Floor View Profile
00200 Mr. BruBot, Dave Major Player Bossbot Deployed View Profile
24653 Mx. Monsoon, Misty Rainmaker Lawbot Deployed View Profile
09001 Mr. Payser, Graham Pacesetter Sellbot Deployed View Profile
10107 Ms. Grayelle, Holly Gatekeeper Boardbot Deployed View Profile
42069 Mr. Caelum,
Lucis' Prince Chocobro xvnoctis@terranor.mail Deployed View Profile
1988 Sir. Dinglefart,
Will Toledo Carbot Exploded View Profile
5 other Friendbots deployed, others may ask to be put in this section, and request a blinkie with it. WARN
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