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This is where you can find fun images I physically cannot allow myself to place on main pages in extreme amounts like here. (Some images may be or eventually end up broken; Please send a INQUIRY if something shows up as broken! We apologize for the extra processing power required.)

What's botherin' you, love? ⠀ 'fraid I won't be minimized like that, thank you very much.

  • secret text
  • * i'm a weaker man so I don't link back everything if i cannot easily access its source
  • @ however, most things do get linked back.
  • ^ some things have click tooltips, others have hover tooltips! Have fun!
  • & constant under construction
  • # stuff might get a section for things made by me
  • % if you see your image here, and you want credit or removal please contact me on tumblr.
  • ~ i also don't credit if i don't agree w/ the op's views. stay mad if it's that case,
    i won't respond to you on tumblr, if you're not already blocked.
  • £ all the images get hosted on my imgur, feel free to copy the direct image links!
    (sometimes discord too though)
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