The Garden

You'd like to know more?
⠀Then join us for a cup o' char!
⠀ I'd rather you not do that.
⠀ Quite rude.
  • ⑇ The Ringing Residence  by  Bellringer
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  • secret text
  • * All assets are mine
  • & Server owned by me! Come on in!
  • The Residence is a general-use community
  • server based around Alterhumanity.
  • -
  • Our selling points? Well,
The Points:
  • Multifandom & SFW
  • 15-26 Age Cap & Minimum
  • Double Friendly
    (or at least tolerant)
  • Layout that is fun, yet simple.
  • System & D/A friendly
    (though, not based around.)
  • Server is Anti profic/proship
    Anti endo/-neu/tulpa
    and supporters of any of the previous
    (P.S. nothing explicitly against y'all
    but we're also Not open to Factkin)